Health Over 55 – The Fear of Aging

Baby Boomers AgingAs people get older, they tend to live in a mindset that they are never going to ‘get old’ like their parents before them did. However, this mindset is usually developed by a fear of aging, which is being instilled in many people thanks to cosmetic procedures and products that are focused on creating a more youthful appearance for people of all ages. Most commonly, it is women who are preoccupied with aging issues and finding ways to avoid looking older, but there are men who are affected by this fear, as well. No one wants to become ‘old’ before their time, and most people don’t want to get to that point at all.

If you ask most active adults over the age of 55, they’ll probably tell you that they feel young and vibrant, and that they are never going to ‘get old’. Today’s retirement culture isn’t as fearful about aging as the coming generations of retirees will be, thanks to overexposure to advertising, television shows, and other things in the world that focus on beauty, youth, and cosmetic procedures that can make people look and feel years younger.

Today’s 30-45 age group of women (and some men) are more afraid of aging than any generation that has come before them. Due to the constant exposure to the importance of youth and beauty, these people will likely have a difficult time dealing with health issues and aging throughout their life. The problem today starts in adolescence, and needs to be fixed before we have an entire society that spends more on cosmetic surgery than living expenses because of their fear of aging.