Active Adults and Dating – It’s Not as Uncommon as You Might Think

Most active adults aren’t worried about finding that special someone, or at least in the minds of their children it isn’t an issue. The reality of the situation is that more people are dating in retirement than anyone realizes. Take the story of Alice, who is 88 years old and was married for 62 years. Today, she has friends and spends a lot of time out of the house, but is still quite lonely. She isn’t looking for another husband, by any means, but just wants a companion that she can spend time with and that can help her avoid being alone so much of the time.

Alice is not unlike other adults in the retirement age group. She understands exactly what she wants and needs from a relationship and she went searching for exactly that. Too many people take to the idea that older adults are trying to replace lost spouses or find a new love of their life. In most cases, people just want companionship so that they don’t have to spend so much time alone. Alice’s daughter helped her find a senior dating service where she met the new man in her life today, who just so happens to drive at night. For Alice, this is a great benefit since she does not drive at night anymore. However, her new man is also crazy about her and wants to shower her with all of the attention in the world.

Just because people are older doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of dating or that they aren’t interested. In fact, many active adults are more interested in dating than you might realize. Some, like Alice, want companionship. Others are looking for a retirement romance. And believe it or not, some are just out looking for a good time.