In recent years, more people have purchased personal emergency response devices either for their loved ones or for themselves.  The high demand for these can be considered a good sign, since it means that people are investing money on something that will keep them or their relatives safe during accidents or emergencies.  In choosing an emergency medical service and personal alert system, people should have versatility as an important consideration, and no other medical alert system is as versatile as the one from ResponseLINK.

The ResponseLINK medical alert system consists of two components, which are the medical alert pendant and the medical monitoring panel.  The lightweight and waterproof pendant, which can be worn either as a necklace and bracelet, contains the button which sends an emergency signal to the central monitoring station.  It also automatically monitors battery life.  The monitoring panel is one proof of how versatile this ResponseLINK system is.  Aside from featuring the emergency button and call button (for non-emergency events), it also has a check button: this is used to answer the phone, announce time and respond to medication reminders.  Then there is the speed dial or direct link, which automatically dials phone numbers programmed in the panel.

The versatility of the ResponseLINK medical alert system is also evident in the number of people who benefits from it.  While most personal emergency response devices are created with seniors and the physically challenged in mind, the medical alert system from ResponseLINK is also beneficial for caregivers and professionals.