Vacations Aren’t Just for Summer: Taking Trips Year-Round

When you retire, you’ve basically got the world at your feet. There are so many different things that you can do, including taking vacations whenever you please. I love traveling, and my favorite part is that I never have to wait for a certain season to go see the places that I want to see. If you’re looking to travel during your retirement, you can go anywhere, at anytime. You just have to plan accordingly.


For example, I wouldn’t recommend that vacation to the Florida Keys in June. Because of the heat, it might be a trip better planned for the winter months, or even the early spring. If you’re going to go to Oregon, on the other hand, summer is your best chance to avoid the annoying rain that the Pacific Northwest is known for. If you’re looking to travel abroad, you should check out their weather patterns and make sure that you plan the trip around a time when the weather is most appealing. The last thing that you want is to show up and realize that the weather is going to be miserable the entire time that you’re in town.


Traveling during the winter can be difficult if you’re coming from or going to a snowy climate. However, you can always put a backup plan in place so that even if weather causes issues, you’ve got something to do regardless. It’s all about taking the time to check out what’s out there. What I do is allocate my vacation money, determine where I want to go, and then figure out when the best time to go would be. Aside from weather, I also think about things like tourist activity (so that I can travel when there are fewer people to contend with) and when certain attractions or events are taking place that interest me. That way, I get the best vacations, no matter what time of year I want to get away.