High-Tech Trip Planning: 5 Great Retirement Travel Websites

If you’re tech-savvy, or at least have basic internet skills, you can get a lot more out of your trip planning than ever before. Seeing as how you’ve managed to make it to my blog, I’m going to give you the tools to plan a great vacation trusting that you can use them because they’re pretty simple, no matter what your skill level might be. As a retiree, your vacation needs are quite different than other people. Here are some great resources:


-50plusexpeditions.com: Here, you’ll find adventure travel, off-the-beaten-path tours, and other vacation ideas that anyone can enjoy.


-ElderTrav.com: This website is relatively new, but has a lot of promising information, resources, and links for seniors who want to get more out of their vacations.


-Connecting, Solo Travel News: This site is focused mainly on solo travel, but it also offers plenty of options for couples and groups. The women make up about 60% of this membership group, but anyone can join as long as they meet the requirements.


-Eldertreks.com: Eldertreks provides adventure travel exclusively for people over 50. If you’re looking to get out in nature and take wild vacations, this is definitely the place to go. You can find all kinds of trips to countries around the world.


-Smarter Living: (smartertravel.com/senior-travel) is designed to offer creative travel ideas for domestic and international vacations. Discounts, unique travel options, and tips allow you to plan unique trips that are creative and much more affordable.


As you can see, you’ve got a lot of different resources out there to help you plan your next trip. These aren’t the only websites available to you, of course, so you should take the time to see what else is available. Trip planning has never been easier than it is with the internet on your side, no matter what kind of getaways you have in mind during your retirement.