Tips for Staying Healthy and Fit in Any Season or Climate

There is a lot of talk about health and fitness in retirement, and for good reason. Even though I reside in California, where it’s easy to get out and stay active, I’ve lived in climates where the seasons change and the weather is often an issue in daily activity and life. Therefore, I want to take some time to help offer tips on staying fit and healthy, no matter where you live.


-Walk indoors. It might seem a bit silly, but there are DVDs that you can buy that allow you to get a regular walking program done right in your living room. Of course, if you have community centers or other facilities, you can even go walk there. A lot of people take up mall walking, which allows them to get exercise year round (and get in some shopping!).


-Join a fitness center. If you’ve got a YMCA or another recreation facility in your town, get a membership. They’ve got all kinds of classes and exercise equipment for retirees, including activities and events catered to your specific needs.


-Always make an effort. A lot of people struggle with health and fitness simply because they don’t try to see what’s out there. If you give yourself even an hour to explore the options, you’re sure to find more ways to stay active and healthy than you might have thought possible.


-Plan for rainy/snowy/hot days. If you know that a certain type of weather is coming up, you can often get in your activities before then. Have backup plans in place, because even if you are used to your typical walk around the neighborhood, it might not always be an option. Rather than doing nothing, you can find another way to stay active.


-Don’t be so hard on yourself. A lot of older adults get discouraged because they get a case of the lazy feelings. You’re retired. Let yourself relax sometimes. It’s as simple as that. You should work on staying fit but it doesn’t have to be an everyday thing.