Older Doesn’t Mean Sicker: Eliminating Assumptions about Your Health

One of the biggest issues that a lot of people face in retirement is the assumption that because they are old, they face more health problems. While this is generally true, age has very little to do with health on a basic level. You’re going to be more prone to getting ill, of course, as well as facing serious diseases. However, just because you have reached that elusive age doesn’t guarantee that your health will plummet. It’s normal for your children and others in your life to fuss about you and worry that you need more medical care than before.


Make sure that you let them know when things are bothering you, but also make sure that you let them know that you’re healthy if you are. There is no reason for them to stress, but it’s natural in their mind that you’ll begin to have more health problems as you age. It’s important to eliminate the assumptions about your health and make sure that you can give your family the tools that they need to understand where you actually are in life, as compared to where they think that you might be.


Our health is always a popular topic of conversation among friends, family members, and even ourselves. However, when you don’t have any obvious health issues to deal with, you should make sure that people aren’t harping over your wellbeing because that can be annoying. Just because you’ve reached retirement doesn’t mean that you’re resigned to frequent doctor visits and arsenals of medication. Some people are, of course, because of their state of health. However, your age doesn’t dictate that and you should remind your family members that just because you’re older doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to have serious health issues.


So many people assume things. It’s difficult to explain and get people to realize that you are perfectly healthy “at your age”. However, if you can share with them and remind them that age has very little to do with it, you should be able to get people to quit assuming that you have to have some kind of illness or medical need just because of your age.