For the Children: Helping Your Retired Parents Build Relationships

As a child of a retiring parent, it can be difficult to watch them make the transition. For most people, it is a smooth one. However, there are some people who have difficulty in forging those critical relationships that they need to keep them active, engaged, and social during their retirement. In some cases, it can be helpful of you to step in and make sure that they’re doing alright. You don’t have to be parental about it, by any means, but you should be interested in what they are doing and how they’re spending their time.


It’s about showing interest in their lives. Take the time to talk to your parents about what they’re doing with their retirement. Find out if they’re hanging out with friends, why they aren’t, and what else they’re filling their days with. While not all people need a group of friends to entertain them, it’s always helpful to have that sense of social inclusion when it’s needed or desired. If you take the time to explore all of the different resources out there, you can find a lot of ways to help your parents make friends and build the relationships that they deserve.


You can do a lot of different things to help your parents. Start by encouraging them to get active. A lot of times, people avoid becoming active participants in their community simply because they worry that they won’t enjoy their time or they don’t have an interest in trying new things. However, this is where they are most likely to make the connections that they need for a healthy social life. Make sure that you’re encouraging, and not pushy, when it comes to giving your parents the support and assistance that they need in building new relationships.


It’s all about approaching the situation the right way. The last thing that you want is to have your parents feeling lonely and missing out on the fun of retirement. Therefore, it’s going to be up to you to help them get out there and see that it’s worth the effort if they take the time to reach out and make connections.