It is common for people ages 65 and above to experience falls and accidents in the home. Senior citizens are at risk for falls due to many reasons, but the physical changes brought by aging are a crucial factor. However, falling can make the elderly more at risk, since falls often result to injuries. It is therefore important for them to get help immediately in case they fall when they are alone. The elderly woman shown below has experienced a fall. She does not know if she is hurt or if she is bleeding anywhere. Thankfully, she has the MediPendant medical alert device.

The scenario shown below proves how helpful the MediPendant personal emergency response system is. It enabled the woman to contact somebody immediately after she fell. She spoke to the operator, telling the person on the other line to inform somebody since she is helpless and could not get up. The operator assured the senior that help will be on the way as she is about the contact the people on the woman’s list. There will be someone going to the woman’s house in minutes to check if she is alright. Because the MediPendant medical alert device has a speakerphone on the pendant worn the user, communication between the user and an operator is quickly established. Hence, the chances of saving somebody is higher because much time is saved. As proven by the video below, having the MediPendant system is guaranteed to bring help when it is needed.