Medical Guardian

Most senior citizens would prefer to live independently at home, but doing so is risky.  In a medical emergency or other unfortunate incident, there will be no one to provide assistance to the elderly.  It is a fact that immediate response is crucial, especially in a medical situation; what could have been a minor problem can become a major dilemma if it is not addressed immediately.  This is the reason there are now countless medical alarm or alert systems available.  Among the choices, the Medical Guardian Senior Medical Alert System proves to be a smart pick.

The  Medical Guardian Senior Medical Alert System provides live emergency response monitoring 24 hours a day for only $29.95 a month.  The system consists of two main elements.  The first is the Medical Guardian Base Station, which features a long range wireless receiver and includes a battery back up.  It takes only 5 minutes to set up.  The second is the waterproof wireless emergency button; it comes with attachments that allows it to be worn three different ways: as belt clip, necklace or wrist band.

In case of an emergency, all the subscriber has to do is press the button, which would then send a signal to the Emergency Monitoring Station over the existing phone lines.  An operator, who communicates with the subscriber through the Base Station, would call loved ones or dispatch authorities depending on the situation.  With the Medical Guardian Senior Medical Alert System, it is that easy to get help fast.