Philips Lifeline Systems

Philips is a worldwide leader and renowned brand when it comes to consumer electronics.  When the brand name is mentioned, what comes to mind are televisions, PC products and phones.  However, the company goes beyond the aforementioned products to provide something much more relevant—their own set of Lifeline Systems.

Philips has now also set foot in the medical alert systems industry with their Philips Lifeline Systems.  The company knows that there are challenges that comes with independent living, but these challenges can be overcome with the right tools.  With all the products included in the Philips Lifeline Systems, the brand offers something new yet very important to consumers: peace of mind.

The trusted brand in consumer electronics is now also a name trusted by doctors, hospitals and professional caregivers.  The Philips Lifeline Systems allow consumers to have instant access to emergency services with just a click of a button by providing several medical alert service options.  The Personal Help Button comes in two forms: the classic and the slimline.  The console, or the Communicator, also comes in two choices: the CarePartner Communicator and the Cordless Phone Communicator.  However, the most innovative product from the brand is the Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert Pendant.  In some incidents, the user may be immobilized and unconscious, making him or her unable to push the button.  This pendant would signal for help if it detects a fall and if the user is unable to push the button.  Indeed, there is peace of mind with Philips.