Connect America Medical Alarms

It is common for people 65 years and older to experience falls and be involved in accidents, especially around the house.  Unfortunately, it is also common for such things to occur when there is no one around to help the older person.  To help keep seniors safe and allow them to live independently, a medical alarm is needed.  Connect America is one of those companies which provide this, and they offer the best medical alarms in the industry.
Connect America has a custom designed Medical Alarm Kit that would be suitable for all seniors to use.  The kit includes 1 medical alert base unit, 1 medical emergency button, 1 rechargeable battery back-up which enables the system to be used from 32 to 72 hours without electricity, 1 power supply and 1 phone connection cord.  The Connect America Medical Alarm Kit allows for easy installation: just plug in power and plug in the phone to activate the system.  The base unit includes the speaker phone that makes two-way voice conversations possible.  After pressing the medical emergency button, a signal will open up the line of communication between the user’s home and the monitoring center.  In seconds, the person in need can talk to a professional monitoring team member, who will contact loved ones or dispatch medical personnel.

With Connect America Medical Alarms, there are no setup and activation fees.  Also, the equipment and its shipping are free of charge.  With only $29.95 per month, this medical alarm is practically a steal.