Recreation and Entertainment- Free Fun is Waiting

When you get to retirement, you’re living on limited funds. Even those who have done really well with investments or retirement planning don’t have endless funds coming in at all times. Therefore, finding affordable ways to enjoy your post-work years is always going to be important. With so many different activities out there that you can enjoy for free, or at least for reasonably cheap prices, it’s definitely easy for you to have fun without having to sacrifice things or compromise. Take the time to look around your community and see what types of recreation and entertainment you can appreciate without spending much, if anything.


Consider things like free to the public events that communities have throughout the year. Depending on where you live, there might be more activities than others. If you belong to a church or other organization, they might have free or inexpensive events that you can enjoy, as well. Look into places where you can enjoy your time and hang out with your friends without having to pay admission or spend a lot of money. There are certainly plenty of events, attractions, and activities in any community that can be done without spending a fortune.


One of the best advantages that you have is your age. While a lot of people don’t embrace getting older, it does get you to a place where you can get discounts and free things just because you are old enough. Even though these are usually called ‘senior discounts’, they are usually offered to people over the age of 55 or 60, and can make it easier for you to have a great time without spending your savings on retirement fun. Anytime that you can find special events or discounts for your age group, you should not be shy about taking advantage of them.


I’m not terribly fond of getting older, but I’m also not very fond of spending a lot of money. When I got to a point where I was eligible for my senior discount card, you’d better bet I was the first one in line. I was so excited to have so many opportunities to get things cheaper or even for free that I didn’t really care that it was because of my age. I am always busy doing things, and hardly ever spend much money because I’ve found great ways to stay busy for free.