Recreation Debates- Age Segregation in Recreational Activities

When it comes to recreation and finding things to do with your time after retirement, a lot of people recommend finding active groups specifically for your age range. It makes sense, after all, to spend time and enjoy activities with people who are within the same realm of ability and age. Of course, some people debate the effectiveness of and need for age segregation in various activities. Some older adults are actually completely offended to learn that they’re being separated from younger adults because they feel like they’re still on the same level with them.


Personally, I think that there is something to be said for spending time and enjoying recreation with people who are similar to you. Not only will the activities be more enjoyable, but they will give you the opportunity to socialize with people who are at the same stage in life as you. When you’re retired, hanging out with a bunch of younger adults is almost like being the 20-something that still hangs out with the high school kids. Granted, if you have friends within your age range that are still working, that doesn’t mean that you can’t hang out with them.


It’s just that with sports and recreational activities, it might be easier or more enjoyable to join up with groups that actually meet your ability level or even your interests. Not only will you get a better level of competition or teamwork based on age level, but you’ll have more in common with the people that you are playing or exercising with, which gives you the chance to socialize more as well. A lot of people argue that there is no reason that a retired man can’t join a gym or a workout class designed specifically for younger men, but it really all depends on the person.


If you’re not ready to join the ‘senior’ groups at your local clubs and community centers, that’s fine. See what general group activities you can find to enjoy or find partners that suit your skill level, regardless of age. You are more than welcome to enjoy your free time with anyone that you like. Of course, for those who do enjoy sticking with people in their own age group, segregated groups and senior-specific activities are readily available.