Traveling Light- See More of the World with Less

Traveling is never something that’s easy to do. There is a lot of planning, preparing, packing, and actual traveling involved in the process. It can sometimes be tiresome because of everything that you have to take along. As we get older, the list of required items grows longer. Before you know it, you’ll have an entire suitcase for your medications and other supplies. It can be frustrating to take so much along with you on your trips, but there are ways that you can see and do more while still packing less as long as you plan carefully.


For starters, you can find a place with laundry service. If you want to pack lighter, getting rid of extra clothing is a great place to start. When you’re going on a 10-day trip, you don’t necessarily need 10 different outfits. You can downsize your list of clothes and find a laundry service to wash things for you. That way, you’ve got less to carry and can still enjoy your travels. Also, take the time to go through your medications, supplies, and other ‘essentials’. Look at whether you actually NEED them or if they’re something that you can pick up along the way if the need arises.


As older adults, we have a tendency to want to be fully prepared for anything. It makes sense, after all, to have all the clothes, medications, and personal items that we could ever dream of needing. That way, no matter what happens, we’re prepared. However, if you take a step back and stop to look at everything on your list, you can probably do without a lot of it. Imagine filling up a backpack or tote bag with the very basic essentials and taking off to wherever your heart desires.


You might not be 21 anymore, but you can still have great excursions with very little if you know how to plan accordingly. Before you plan your next travel adventure, make sure that you take the time to simplify. You’ll love being able to see and do more because you’re traveling with less.