Medications 101- Tips for Keeping Things Straight

As we age, a lot of us get to a point where we are taking more medications than we’d probably like to admit. These are the things that keep us healthy, and it can be really hard to keep track of them. All the instructions, labels, warnings, and drug information that we are given sometimes gets difficult to organize and understand, which is exactly why everyone should take the time to learn as much as they can about their medications and how to take them accordingly. Here are some tips to help you keep things straight.


-First and foremost, make sure that you know when your medications need to be taken. Some should be taken at specific times throughout the day, while others are taken as needed. Figure out which medications have specific time slots and which you can simply fit in wherever you have time or when you need them.


-Understand HOW to take your medications. Some need to be taken with food. Others can’t be taken within a certain amount of time from eating or drinking things. Make sure that you find the optimal way to take your medications so that they are most effective.


-Learn which medications can or can’t be taken together. Most of the time, you can take medications together. However, there are some drugs that need to be taken by themselves or separate from other medications throughout the day. Basically, if there are no listed drug interactions, your medications are fine. The ones that do have issues will usually specify for you.


-Keep a pill-minder and/or a daily calendar around. This makes it easy for you to take the right medications at the right time. Whether you have three prescriptions or an arsenal of medications that you have to take, writing down the schedule can make things so much easier.


-Talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist. If you ever have questions or you aren’t sure about anything, you need to ask. These people are here to help, no matter what you need.