Recreation and You- 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for Activities to Enjoy

So you’ve retired. Now, you have all this free time on your hands and you aren’t quite sure what to do with it. Don’t worry too much, because there are plenty of things to do in the world today. You can keep it simple with things like daily walks and social activities, or you can have a great time enjoying different recreation and entertainment that will give you more to look forward to. If you are trying to choose ways to enjoy your retirement, here are some things that you should be asking yourself:


-What do I want to do? It seems like the obvious question, but it is one that you really need to think about. What would most interest you to do with your free time? If you can answer this with a few different ideas, you will be that much closer to finding something to appreciate.


-What am I capable of? You’re obviously not going to sign up for a senior softball league if you can’t run or be agile. You have to make sure that you can actually participate and enjoy any activities that you join. Again, this might sound obvious, but it can be easy to assume that your abilities are greater than they are when faced with fun recreational activities.


-How much time do I have? If you join a team or league of some kind, you will have to make sure that you can make the time to be at all the games, practices, and other events. If you choose recreational activities that you can do on your own time, this will be less of an issue. Either way, you have to have the time to enjoy yourself.


-Does it cost anything? Most recreational activities are cheap or free. However, you should always know so that you don’t show up expecting free and having to pay. It only takes a second to figure out if your preferred activities cost anything.


-Do I want to do things alone, with partners, or with a team? Some people have a preference and it will be up to you to figure out how you want to spend your time. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it works for you.


Recreational activities allow you to stay active and enjoy your retirement more than ever. If you can take the time to think about things and figure out exactly what you are looking for, you’ll have a better time and get more out of your post-work years.