Vitamin E and Strokes- New Research Demonstrates Benefits

Vitamins and nutrients always seem to go back and forth on their stance in being helpful and potentially harmful to the body. There is continually new research being done about different vitamins and things that they can do for the body, and each study offers a new promise for many people. Most recently, studies have been done to demonstrate the effectiveness of vitamin E in helping prevent stroke damage. Studies have shown that people who have a vitamin E deficiency are going to be more likely to suffer a stroke than those who have adequate levels.


Vitamin E has been proven to help prevent more serious stroke damage, giving people the ability to avoid strokes or at least avoid the more serious consequences of them. When it comes to getting enough vitamin E, people can find it in sunlight, fatty fish, milk and other fortified foods, and egg yolks. There are also supplements and vitamins that can help you get more of the nutrients that you need. The study is still ongoing, but results are promising in showing that more people have fewer strokes and severe damages caused by them when they have adequate levels of vitamin E in their system.


There are a lot of medical studies that can help you get more out of life and this one is just another to add to the list. Clinical trials are ongoing to determine how much help vitamin E actually provides and what types of health benefits can be found. The research is showing that 1,000 to 2,000 IU of vitamin E every single day is not only safe, but beneficial for adults. As we get older, getting the right nutrients can be hard. Making an effort gives you better health for your future.


In a study of racial differences, it has been shown that black people are more likely to suffer strokes than white people, and this is usually due to lower vitamin E levels, among other things. It doesn’t really matter what color your skin is, though, because you always need to make sure that you are getting the right nutrients. If your vitamin E levels are lacking, you might want to consider increasing your intake so that you can reduce your risk of serious strokes and related damage. After all, having more vitamins in your system can never hurt.