There are many medical alarm systems available out there right now, so choosing which to purchase can be challenging for consumers.  However, there are also many reasons why every consumer should choose LifeStation medical alert systems among the lot.  These reasons that make this specific brand the right choice.

By spending less than a dollar daily, a consumer can get a high-quality medical alert system and top notch monitoring service with LifeStation.  The LifeStation medical alert system is similar to others because it also includes a console and a medical alarm button, which can be worn either as a wristband, neck pendant or belt clip.  However, the similarity stops there.  What makes LifeStation better than the rest is the monitoring that comes with the product.

A medical alert system is nothing without the monitoring center behind it.  LifeStation operates its own monitoring center and all the operators, also known as LifeStation Care Specialists, are LifeStation employees.  This means that the company does not outsource or offshore its monitoring service.  All Care Specialists are trained and certified based on the industry’s standards.  LifeStation is probably the only company that has two Care Specialists to handle every emergency call.  In other monitoring
services, there is only one person that speaks to the subscriber and contacts the authorities or family members.  In LifeStation, one stays on the line as the other dispatches emergency services and contacts the provided contact list.  With its exceptional monitoring service, LifeStation has the medical alert system to beat.