Seniors Can Explore Many Interests by Taking Advantage of Discounts

Today’s seniors have much to look forward to when they retire. With age 60 being the new 40, many seniors are finding that life after retirement can be fun and rewarding. Seniors can choose from many fun activities, including travel, shopping, and enjoying meals at some of the finest restaurants.

Tours are popular with persons of all ages. Seniors have many options when considering travel. For seniors who don’t like the idea of being away from home for long periods of time, day trips are perfect get-a-ways. Day trips are offered by senior centers and range from visiting destinations to going to exclusive restaurants for meals. Day cruises on riverboats or chartered yachts provide the feel of a cruise with a leisurely meal, with the convenience and economy being able to return to one’s own home at the end of the day. Visits to museums and other exhibits are available for seniors at deep discounts. Seniors who like to take road trips will also find good values on rental cars and hotels.

Take advantage of dining discounts

Many seniors prefer eating away from home rather than cooking. For some, eating out may save money. The best thing about eating out as a senior is that some of the best restaurants offer great discounts on meals. Seniors can choose to eat lunch at an exclusive restaurant rather than dinner. Lunch is usually cheaper, so when a discount is given, seniors can realize great savings.

Take advantage of shopping discounts

Those 55 and above can find money-saving discounts on all types of items. Clothing stores often give 15-20% discounts on Tuesdays or other days. The discounts are often allowed for items that are on sale or clearance priced. This permits a senior to enjoy current fashions at a fraction of the price paid by younger persons. Other retailers may offer a percentage off for household items and other purchases.

Take advantage of health fairs

A health fair is a great way for seniors to get routine screenings, as well as other screenings that might not be covered by insurance. For example, hearing tests and eye exams are two popular screenings offered by health fair vendors. Vendors often have useful give-a-aways like tote bags, pens, coffee mugs and more. Senior centers that host health fairs usually include workshops on topics ranging from living healthy with diabetes to container gardening.

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