Feel Great with a Spa Break

spa swingThe beauty of progressing through life is that you may well have more time to enjoy yourself by your late 50s and onwards (even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes!).  You may be working part time or have retired, and whilst there are certain commitments – grandchildren or elderly parents – your spare time means that you have more opportunities to invest in yourself.

Spa breaks are a wonderful way of looking after body and mind, and something that everyone should experience at some point.  Their health benefits are rarely spoken of but are undeniable. For example, most have swimming pools that you can enjoy at your own pace and this works as a great re-introduction to gentle exercise for those who have not kept up any fitness activity. In fact, it can act as inspiration for you to take up swimming as a regular leisure interest.

There are a range of spa treatments that can also promote physical wellbeing, although these will vary between spas.  One of the most popular is the full body massage, in which your muscles and joints are manipulated from head to toe.  If you have any areas of concern or areas that you would especially like to be worked on, you should be able to discuss this with your therapist to ensure that the massage meets your individual needs.

Spas are also a wonderful way of pampering the mind.  Everyday life can be repetitive and busy, and does not always allow you any time to relax.  However, downtime is absolutely essential to keeping your mind in balance and gives you the opportunity to put worries and concerns into perspective.  It is remarkable how effective unwinding is in letting you step back and reconsider problems from a new viewpoint.

A spa visit is not something that you need to do on a weekly basis (although you may want to!) but the occasional spa break can work wonders in keeping you healthy and happy.

This guest post was written for Happy Health by Alex, who writes about spa gift vouchers and beauty treatments.