4 Age-Appropriate Exercises To Keep Men Over 55 Healthy

Apart from keeping you healthy, exercise slows down the effects of aging.  For this reason, it is important that you engage in physical activities to help you stay fit for a longer time.

However good the effects of exercising are, it is not helpful to do them without your physician’s advice.  Make sure that you consult your doctor before doing any exercise routines.  If the routines become too stressful for you, they will do more harm than good so please listen to this tip before starting any of the routines below:


  1. Aerobics – medium-intensity aerobic workout is good for you.  It makes managing blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol easier.  In addition, this exercise is said to lessen the risk of getting memory loss-related diseases.  Apart from that, your heart and lungs work better if you do this for 30 minutes a day, 5 times per week.
  2. Strength training – you need to do this kind of training about twice per week to hold up muscle mass loss.  Additionally, strength training gets rid of arthritis symptoms and toughens your bones.  Lifting weights and using resistance bands are just some examples of the exercises that belong to this category.  For those who are over 65, you might want to step up your training and do muscle exercises up to three times a week.
  3. Stretching – no less than two times per week is advised to keep your body flexible and active.  Do this before and after your exercise routines to enhance your balance and coordination.
  4. Cardio exercises – are intended to strengthen your heart.  These exercises are pretty easy and you don’t need any gym equipment to do this.  Swimming, running, jogging, walking, brisk walking, and all sports are examples of cardio exercises that you can do.

These exercises are fun and good for you.  However, you should take note of the considerations in exercising to keep you safe.

  • Keep your heart rate in check.  Based on studies conducted by American Heart Association,   the maximum heart rate for men who are 55 years old is 165 beats per minute.  Subtract 5 beats per minute for every additional 5 years of age.  Why is it important to know this?  The reason is to prevent over fatigue or exhaustion especially if you have medical problems.
  • Start slow.  If your exercises requires you 10 repetitions, do just 5 for now.  Gradually increase the number until you get used to your routine.  Only go full throttle if you are extra confident with your performance
  • Treat injuries immediately.  If you feel any pain, have it checked immediately.  If you incur injuries, nurse it ASAP as your wounds and injuries heal slower now compared to when you were younger.
  • Stretch before and after your routine. Take your time in stretching to prevent injuries and muscle strain after your exercise.
  • Ask your doctor if your chosen routine is good for you. Your routine might be too stressful so better inform your doctor ahead of time before doing anything.  Follow his advice because he knows better.

Despite your age, exercise is still an important aspect in your life that you should never forget.  Don’t forget them to keep your body fit and healthy.  Good luck!

Author’s bio: Marcy Gray likes sharing her blogging tips and tricks through writing. In addition, she likes to write home improvement product reviews such as frigidaire dehumidifier 70 pint and danby ddr7009ree