5 Tips for Baby Boomers to Rev up the Romance

Guest Post by Emily Murray

When we were young, most of us couldn’t imagine that our parents were ever intimate for purposes other than conceiving us. Perhaps some of this can be chalked up to denial, but it also largely stems from the misconception that passion dwindles with age. While relationships change as the years pass, the bond can become stronger with time and intimacy does not need to suffer in the least. If you have been living with your partner a significant amount time, you may catch yourself falling into a rut that is comfortable but also completely too predictable. Spice up your romance by taking a break from the norm and infusing some much needed spontaneity back into your relationship. Need a few pointers to get you started?

Here are 5 tips to help rekindle the romance:

1. Get Out of Town
No matter what age you are or how long you and your partner have been together, nothing says romance like a weekend getaway. Traveling together allows you to spend some quality one-on-one time together without the distractions and stressors of everyday life. Whether it is a tropical beach, desert or mountainous location, trips offer a tremendous opportunity for romance. Sightseeing during the day and room service and wine at night can be just what you need to get the romance back on track. If getting out of town is too expensive or not practical then try taking a hometown vacation. Without the extra travel costs you can splurge a bit more on the resort and even though you are close to home, you will feel a million miles away.

2. Take a Dance or Aerobic Class Together
Not only is exercise good for your physical health, but it’s great for your mental health as well. When you take a class with your partner, you can both work on your fitness while finding another thing you enjoy doing together. When you exercise, endorphins are released and these are the “feel good” chemicals that make you happy and may even help put you in the mood…They say “it takes two to tango,” so perhaps taking a partners dance class could also help spice up the romance.

3. Spend Time Just Kissing
Do you remember the first kiss you both shared? As the years pass, these monumental moments still remain clear in our minds. The type of communication that requires no words at all is often the most memorable. Chances are that this first kiss sent a precedent for a lifetime of more and more. At some point in many relationships however, time can take its toll on the amount of affection couples show one another daily. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way. A kiss simply for the sake of showing love is something that can be spontaneous and help you feel even closer to your partner.

4. Head to the Bedroom
Let’s face it, sex has become a less taboo topic these days and now more than ever we see news articles, relationship columns and movies and TV shows that revolve around this type of intimacy. Having a healthy sexual relationship is important for the mental health of both partners. Just because you have spent many years together doesn’t mean the sparks need to die…on the contrary, it’s actually the ideal time to let those sparks fly! The kids are out of the house, it’s just you and your partner…all this can lead to the perfect romantic opportunity. It’s proven that many men gage their happiness in a relationship partly on the intimacy aspect. While women do this also to extent, additionally it helps them feel loved and connected with their partner.

5. Spend Time in Conversation Each Day
Of course every couple talks throughout the day, after all life would be pretty dull if you spent your life together without any type of communication. There are different types of conversation though. Asking how each other’s day was is of course a start, but getting into deeper and more meaningful conversations not only challenges your minds but also provides yet another deeper level of intimacy. All too often we tend to get wrapped up in our daily lives and neglect the opportunity to give our partner the one-on-one attention he or she needs and deserves.

Once you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the hardest challenge is perhaps behind you. They should be your best friend and your lover and by implementing a few of these ideas into your relationship, you feel once again like the young lovers you were not so long ago.

Emily Murray is a contributing writer for KwikMed.com, the site granted regulatory approval by the State of Utah and appointed by Watson Pharmaceuticals as the exclusive online distributor of the newest morning after pill called ella.