MediPendant for Veterans- Medical Alarms Concepts Offers New Program in Ohio

Medical Alarms Concepts, a company that specializes in medical alert systems, has a new program in place. They are known for manufacturing the popular MediPendant, which is a medical alert system that allows users to speak and listen with the pendant alone. This eliminates the need for a separate speaker in the house and the issues that come with it. In January 2011, this company announced a special marketing program that they are implementing for the Veteran’s Administration, which will begin with the state of Ohio.

In a press release on January 11, 2011, Medical Alarms Concepts revealed the details of their new marketing program specifically for veterans, which will eventually be rolled out to other states besides Ohio. The company reports that their plan includes preferred pricing for their newest model, the MediPendant 911, along with ordering services at VA offices throughout the state of Ohio. This is a proprietary program, and the effectiveness and use of the program in Ohio will likely set the stage for the rest of the campaign rollout throughout the nation.

With the MediPendant 911, there is no telephone to dial and users don’t need to know any numbers. They can simply press the button and have direct communication with the operator, which allows them to get the assistance that they need. Having the speaker and two-way voice communication in the pendant is something that is relatively unseen in other medical alert systems, and something that people can definitely benefit from. Not only is the market untapped for this feature, but reaching out through the VA program specifically is something that is different in the world of medical alert systems.

To learn more about the MediPendant veterans program in Ohio or their other products for senior citizens, you can visit their website. Residents of Ohio can also contact their local Veterans’ Affairs office to find out about the program and what it means to them.

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