How to Convince Your Parents to Wear and Use Medical Alert Pendants

Unless a parent truly feels unsafe in their own home, they are usually not going to be fond of the idea of medical alert systems. Therefore, it will be up to you to convince them that these devices can help them maintain their independence and feel safe living alone. If you don’t feel safe with them living on their own, tell them. Don’t attack them or treat them like children, but share with them how you feel. If you are trying to get your parent(s) to use a medical alert device, here are some tips to help.

-Show them proof. Show them stories of things that have happened and how the medical alert devices helped. Make sure that you get factual news stories and ones that are realistic and could happen to them.

-Talk to them about the different styles that are available. Often, getting parents to wear these devices is like getting a child to wear glasses for the first time—they’re just not ‘cool’. Fortunately, medical alert creators have been creating new devices that are much more stylish and less obvious, giving seniors ‘cooler’ options for staying safe.

-Review the situation for yourself. If your parent is truly in good health and has a very low risk of having an accident at home, you might not actually need to get them a device just yet. Ask yourself honestly about the situation and make sure that you are doing what is in their best interest, and not just what makes you breathe easier.

-It might sound unfortunate, but sometimes you just have to wait until the device comes in handy. Once a parent experiences some type of situation where they need assistance, they will become grateful for the device and realize how useful it actually can be.

Keep these tips in mind when you are trying to talk to your parents about medical alert systems and how they can benefit from their use.