Insurance Discounts- Can Medical Alert Systems Help?

When it comes to health, life, and home insurance, seniors definitely have their hands full. However, there are plenty of ways that you can lower your costs and get better deals on all types of insurance. For those people who have health risks or issues related to their age or ability, having elements in place to lower the likelihood of those risks or an issue occurring is going to help save a lot of money. A medical alert system is a great tool to help decrease your risk of having a serious accident or injury in your home.

Can medical alert systems lower your insurance rates? Possibly, but it’s hard to know for sure. Every insurance company is different and you have to consider the type of insurance that you are questioning, as well. For example, life insurance might be lower for some people with this device because it lowers their risk of death in the event of a medical emergency, but home insurance rates won’t typically be affected. Having smoke alarms and burglar alarm systems in your home is what will drop those rates. A medical alert system might save you a few bucks on health or life insurance, but it’s usually nothing worth calling home over. It still doesn’t hurt to ask and get every penny that you can.

The most important part of a medical alert system isn’t how much it can save you on insurance but how much it can save you in terms of serious emergencies and medical events. If you live alone and want peace of mind, a medical alert system can give you that. Even if you don’t get an insurance discount for having this device, being able to trust that you are safe in your own home is worth much more than any insurance policy.