Staying Fit to Avoid Falls

Too often, senior citizens are the victims of accidents and serious injuries caused by falling. This is usually due to the fact that seniors have more difficulty getting around because they may not be as agile or mobile as they once were. Add this to the fact that people often tend to be overconfident in their own homes and you have a recipe for disaster. It is important for seniors to stay in good shape and get regular exercise so that they can have the best mobility and the least risk of being a victim of a fall in their own home.

Medical alert systems are an ideal solution for people who are at risk of accidents or medical emergencies in their own home. These devices can be worn around the neck or wrist, or even attached to the belt which makes them easy to access at any point in time. People simply press a button and the device connects them either with an operator or to a phone service that starts dialing the numbers that they have programmed into the device. Help arrives in no time at all and more people are saved from serious injury or even death because of a medical alert system.

Even with one of these devices, however, you should still be getting regular exercise to make sure that you are in fair shape. As you age, you aren’t expected to remain as agile and mobile as you used to be, but you should have a decent enough physical ability to get around your home. You should also learn to take things slowly if you aren’t feeling up to whatever you are doing, regardless of how comfortable you might be in your home. Studies show that active seniors not only have a lower risk of fall accidents, but they also have a lower risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes because they are not leading sedentary lifestyles.