Medical Alert Systems Save People from More Than Falls

Medical alert systems are a great lifesaving device for many people. Living independently is often difficult for senior citizens and people who are disabled, but these systems have made it more of a possibility for them to carry on with their daily activities and not need around-the-clock care. You can read many reviews and testimonials on the websites of companies that sell medical alert devices that attest to what the devices are capable of, but what is most surprising is that they are a popular lifesaving device in many cases beyond falls and medical emergencies.

Many users of medical alert systems report using the devices to save them from things like burglary, house fires, and other serious situations that are not directly related to their health or physical ability. Being able to have this kind of rapid response and easy access to emergency services is truly a lifesaver in more ways than one for people. Take the story of an elderly woman who used her medical alert system to call for help after a fall in Westport, Massachusetts in January 2011.

The woman used her alarm to request medical services because of a fall. However, she failed to mention that she had been cooking on the stove at the time of the fall. When help arrived, firefighters saw the home quickly filling up with smoke, and went inside to rescue the woman. Her quick thinking of using her medical alert device, combined with the quick response of the emergency services saved her life. The woman was treated at the scene and was fine, while her home suffered around $1500 in damage. The damage could have been a lot worse, however, and the woman knows that she was lucky.

If you are ever uncertain about getting a medical alert device, keep this story in mind. Whether you have a slip and fall accident or simply need emergency help and can’t get to the phone, a medical alert system can be helpful no matter what type of assistance you need.