There is no person spared from accidents.  There are hundreds of people who have accidents at home.  What it is worse is that most of the time, accidents occur when a person is alone.  Thus, immediate help should always be within reach.  With the medical alarm systems from Lifelinkusa, emergency services are but a touch away.

For a monthly monitoring fee of only $29.95, you can get yourself and the people you love with 24-hour medical alarm systems from Lifelinkusa.  The Lifelinkusa Medical Alarm Center offers only high quality and top rated medical alarm equipment, such as medical alarm systems, mobile medical alarms and wireless personal emergency devices.  With all of the aforementioned equipment, all that is needed is a push of the button to speak with a highly trained operator, ready to be of assistance.  Personnel from the company will personally deliver the equipment at your door, demonstrate how to use it and test the unit for free.  With Lifelinkusa, there is no equipment cost, set-up free, activation fee or a long term contract.  In fact, set-up is so easy, you can do it yourself: just plug in phone, then the power and push the emergency button.

During a power outage, Lifelinkusa medical alarm systems will work for up to 90 hours.  Its range is approximately 600 feet, so even the backyard and front yard are covered.  Indeed, these medical alarm systems are a great investment, your immediate access to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.