Medical Alert Systems vs. Supervision- The Great Debate

There has been a longstanding debate among seniors and their loved ones about medical alert systems and their effectiveness. Too often, seniors don’t feel the need to wear a medical alert pendant or bracelet because it makes them feel like they can’t take care of themselves. In some cases, they downright refuse to use the system. Still, these same people don’t want to live with their children, have hired help, or live in an assisted facility. The issue remains that a senior citizen might not be safe in their own independent home without some kind of additional support.

Medical alert systems are easily the most affordable and least invasive solution. These are simply an emergency system that the home owner will use in the event of an emergency in the home. Whether they fall, have a medical emergency, or have some other type of need for assistance, they can press the button and reach 911 as well as family and friends. In some cases, this is not enough and the parent in question actually does require careful supervision in order to live safely in their own surroundings.

Trying to determine what is best for your situation is not going to be a simple task. You really have to take the time to explore the options and determine the level of independence that is really possible. Sometimes, a medical alert system can be enough of a support for people and other times they really will need assistance, skilled care, or the comfort of a live-in family member or friend to give them the safety that they deserve in their daily life. Medical alert systems are a great solution, but they aren’t always the right solution for everyone.