Freedom Alert Advertises NO Monthly Fees

Freedom Alert has debuted a brand new medical alert system pendant for the 2011 year, and offers it to all seniors for a variety of different security needs. The best part of this device, for many seniors, is that there are NO monthly fees at all. Since most medical alert devices either have monthly fees, a high price tag, or both, this is a revolution in affordable security options for seniors and their loved ones. The device features all of the things that seniors want and need in a medical alert system for less than many other systems on the market today.

Features of the Freedom Alert Device

Features that this device offers include:

-600 foot range from base to pendant

-NO monthly fees, EVER

-Communication through pendant

-Waterproof pendant

-Multiple options for device wear (neck, wrist, belt, pocket, wheelchair attachment included)

-Calls all numbers users program, including 911, in the event of an emergency

-Use throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as many other countries

-Battery backup

As you can see, there are many different benefits to this system that you might not have expected. With no monthly fees, it’s hard to find anything better on the market right now in terms of what you get for the money.

Pricing and Ordering

You can visit Freedom Alert’s website to learn more about the pricing options for this device and order it for yourself. The newest model, Freedom Alert II, comes with a barrage of accessories and retails for just $279.99. For this one-time fee, you’ll get:

-Base unit

-Pendant with 2 rechargeable batteries

-Belt clip, lanyard, and wrist strap

-Telephone and power cord

-4 rechargeable batteries for backup

To learn more, visit the company’s website. For those in need of security through medical alert systems without the high cost of monthly fees, Freedom Alert is a great option. If you need more basic systems, of course, Freedom Alert has many others to choose from as well.