Lifecomm Medical Alert Systems- A New Joint Venture

In 2010, Lifecomm medical alert systems became an option for the general public thanks to the joint efforts of Qualcomm, Hughes Telematics, and American Medical Alert. Their goal was to create and launch a mobile PERS (personal emergency response service) for senior citizens and others in need in the 2011 business year. This joint venture is not unique in the world of medical alert systems, as many telecommunications companies create partnerships with other companies and services to offer a full-service medical alert system. However, the unique nature of this product is in the cutting-edge design, style, and technologies that are used.

Lifecomm was expected to debut their product at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in January, and everyone is excited now that they have seen what this product has to offer. This company is definitely creating a one-of-a-kind product in a highly saturated market, and the device is suggested to be available commercially by the end of the year. The technology in Lifecomm’s mobile medical alert system is based on the Qualcomm ‘Internet of Everything’ wireless technology, which allows people to have better support in and out of the home by utilizing wireless technology instead of a home phone line.

Not only is the technology cutting edge, but Lifecomm medical alert systems and devices are on the forefront of fashion, as well. There are three wearable models that are much more cutting-edge and fashionable than the typical medical alert pendant that most people have in mind. Whether or not this product is for everyone is up for debate. However, with the technology and style offered from a solid, reputable company, Lifecomm is expected to do well for itself with its new line of medical alert systems. You can check out the devices for yourself or learn more at