Medical Alert Systems- Choosing Your Style

While the practicality of medical alert systems is commonly discussed, it seems that fewer people pay attention to things like style and functionality in the daily life of senior citizens. Let’s face it. Neck pendants might be ideal for ease-of-use and convenient carrying, but they are certainly not the most stylish option available for some people. The good news is that seniors can be safe and stylish at the same time, thanks to new developments from medical alert companies.

In addition to less bulky and more attractive neck pendants, many medical alert companies are now offering sleek designs that can be worn on the wrist, allowing users to get more style and functionality from their medical alert devices. Lifecomm has a new high-tech medical alert device complete with sensors and wireless communications, allowing for use around the wrist, neck, or even on the belt.

Some companies are rolling out wrist watch-style medical alert systems, and companies now even have fully-functional wrist watches that double as an alarm button for a medical alert system. This means that you get the safety and protection that you deserve along with a style that is much more appealing than a bulky pendant with a large red button. For some, the function of the more classic medical alert systems is paramount, but for people who have the ability to press a smaller button or handle a more stylish model these are a great option.

Many seniors don’t want to compromise their independence, but they also don’t want people to know that they’re carrying around a medical alert device. With the new fashions and styles available, it is easy for elderly customers to enjoy safety, peace of mind, and a hint of style that allows them to be protected without a piece of jewelry or equipment that sticks out like a sore thumb.

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