ADT Companion Service

Sometimes, it is just not possible to have a companion at home.  Being alone is fine, until a fall or an unexpected medical emergency occurs.  When this happens, there will be no one to assist the person currently in a critical situation.  For the likes of senior citizens and recurring patients who need a constant companion in case there is a medical emergency, the ADT Companion Service is the perfect companion they need.

Medical emergencies are unexpected and can happen anytime, so people should guarantee that they can always get help when the need arises.  By getting the ADT Companion Service, individuals are guaranteed quick and effective medical assistance.  The ADT Companion Service Home Medical Alert System includes the following: an easy-to-use waterproof and wireless Personal Help Button, an attractive and durable base unit, two-way voice intercom and an easy one-button phone answering with speakerphone base unit.  In case there is a medical emergency, all the user has to do is press the help button.  In just a few seconds, an ADT monitoring professional trained for Companion Services will speak with the user over the two-way voice intercom.  The professional will notify a relative or neighbor, or will call to dispatch an ambulance for a medical emergency.  The system does not only work outdoors, but it also has a long-range capability.  There is also a test light to remind the user to check if the unit is working properly.   With the ADT Companion Service, help is just one click away.