Rescue Alert

With so many personal emergency response systems in the market, it is not surprising when consumers become overwhelmed.  The number of personal emergency response systems show how popular these products are.  While the systems were created with senior citizens in mind,  others can benefit from the access to emergency personnel provided by these products.  For consumers who require reliability, multiple features and reasonable prices as considerations for their  personal emergency response system we have a suggestion: pick Rescue Alert.

The Rescue Alert System sets itself apart in three main areas: reliability, features and price.  Rescue Alert has been manufactured for two decades; all those years of research, engineering and experience makes this brand very reliable in comparison to many  of  the other medical alarm systems.  Also, the advanced features in every Rescue Alert medical alarm system adds to the reliability of the brand and product.  These features include microphone sensitivity, extended panic button range and battery monitoring just to name a few.

However, many consider the best part about Rescue Alert’s medical alarm systems is the price.  For as low as $19.95 a month, one can get instant 24 hour access to emergency help in the event of an incident.  There are also no activation or set up fees to worry about.  Plus, the Rescue Alert medical alert system comes with a 30-day risk free guarantee.

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