Life At Home

There are countless medical alarm systems available, and the number of choices can be overwhelming.  Among all the medical alarm systems out there, the Life At Home Solutions’ Quick Response Medical Alarm System sets itself apart.

What makes the Life At Home Solutions’ Quick ResponseMedical Alarm System unique from the rest can also be considered its biggest disadvantage.  There is no monitoring service available for the user. The equipment must be programmed by the user to dial emergency contacts.

The Life At Home Solutions Quick Response Medical Alarm System consists of the following: the Quick Response Main Console and the Call “Heart” Pendant.  The former contains siren, push buttons for programming, as well as a built-in voice dialer and listen-in microphone; the latter is a wireless and water resistant device which serves as the instant call for help.  For the system to work, the console should be installed with a screwdriver.  Then, the user has to program and record a voice ‘security alert’ message as well as four numbers that will be dialed in case of an emergency.  After the user presses the button during an emergency,  the built-in 85dB siren in the system will sound.  All the programmed numbers will be dialed, and the recorded message will play. The person on the other end can acknowledge and listen in by pressing ’0.’

Even without a monitoring service, the system works great.  The best part about it is that there are no monthly monitoring fees to worry about.