Alert1 Medical System

A medical alert system is necessary for seniors or those people who have certain physical limitations.  With a medical alert system like Alert1, it is possible to have a secure and independent life inside the home.  This is because medical assistance is but a click away.

The Alert1 medical alert system consists of two primary components: the base unit and the personal help button.  The features of the easy-to-install base unit include a super-sensitive microphone, a speaker powerful enough to be heard anywhere from the home and a 24-hour back up battery for power outages.

As for the personal help button, it can be worn by the user either as a pendant or bracelet.  It is 100% waterproof, so it can be worn while in the bath or shower.  The personal help button, which can communicate with up to 600 feet from the base, can also be used to answer incoming phone calls.  When the battery of the base unit or help button is low, there is an automatic notification.

In the event of an emergency, the user just has to press the red button, either on the personal help pendant/bracelet or base unit.  In moments, there will be an operator ready to help.  The operator will then assess the situation and contact either a loved one or emergency services.  Notable for the affordable price as well as the exceptional customer service that comes with it, the Alert1 medical alert system is definitely a good buy for consumers out there.

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