1-800 Med Alert

An emergency, especially that which is medical in nature, is something that cannot be predicted.  A person will never know when he or she will need urgent assistance.  Therefore, there must be always be a way to contact an emergency response operator in case an emergency arises.  This is what 1-800 Med Alert  is all about: it allows people to immediately get the emergency response they need when they need it.

The 1-800 Med Alert is basically a wireless emergency alert system that allows anyone to instantly come in contact with an emergency response operator.  The easy-to-use system includes two basic components: a small, wireless and waterproof pendant, as well as a base console.  This base console is to be connected to the phone line of the user.  The moment there is an emergency, the user will only have to press the activation button on the pendant or console to immediately call the Emergency Response Center.  Through the speakerphone in the device, the user can easily speak to an emergency operator.  The emergency operator has vital information about the user, such as medical history and location, which has been pre-programmed.  If the user fails to make voice contact, emergency personnel will be reached immediately.

Anyone can feel independent and protected in the home through this service.  Blackouts should not be a problem, since there is a battery back-up that lasts for more than 20 hours.  For a monthly fee of $30,  1-800 Med Alert can be considered a wise investment.

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