Free Activities- Save Your Pennies and Have Fun for Free

Almost everything costs money today. I’ve been doing fitness and training my entire life, and I know better than anyone that recreation doesn’t come cheap. Whether you’re looking for a gym membership, a fitness center class, or even a membership at your local golf club, it’s going to cost you. Outside of sports, it can be just as expensive to find ways to enjoy your new free time in retirement. If you’re looking for deals, there are plenty of great activities that you can enjoy absolutely free if you take the time to look. Here are a few ideas:

Tourism at home: If you’ve lived in an area all your life, you feel like you know it well. However, most of us only have a narrow view of the entire community. Step outside of your usual route and go explore everything that your city has to offer. Head to a nearby attraction or area where you haven’t been lately. You can find a lot of free things to do just by stepping out of your normal routine.

Look for special events: Some clubs and groups have introductory days for new members or other events where you can get in on the fun for free. Whether it’s a showcase golf outing or a free seniors day at the local health club, you should always look for special events that don’t cost a dime.

Attend free community events: While you’re not going to find a lot of recreation at these events, you might be able to make connections with people and businesses who do have recreational discounts or free activities that you can enjoy. You can find all kinds of stuff on your community bulletin board, in the newspaper, and at the local library about free events and activities in the community.