High Blood Pressure and Dementia Might Be Related

It’s interesting to read all the medical studies that they have out today. One that I found more recently caught my interest, because it dealt directly with dementia. This is a disease that I have seen many people stricken with in my lifetime, and it’s definitely not something that you want to face. Since the cause of this disease isn’t that well known, research is ongoing to learn more about this condition and help find a cure.

For now, a new study that was in the Archives of Neurology has shown that high blood pressure can be a direct prediction for dementia in older adults with what they call ‘impaired executive function’. Hypertension doesn’t offer a prediction for people with memory loss, but for those who have difficulty organizing their thoughts and making decisions, high blood pressure could be an indicator of dementia down the line. The study was done for five years with almost 1000 patients that were dementia free at the time of the study. About 60% of the people with high blood pressure developed dementia, while development occurred in about 64% of those without hypertension.

Some members of the study already had impaired executive function, and in that group 57% of those who had high blood pressure developed dementia. Only 28% without high blood pressure and with executive dysfunction developed dementia during the study. Basically, the study has proven that patients who suffer from this executive impairment and who have high blood pressure are going to be much more likely to develop dementia in their lifetime. It isn’t a perfect diagnostic tool just yet, but it is promising research for people who are worried for their future.