Recreational Activities for Mental and Emotional Health

Recreation and fitness is always a good idea for your physical health, but did you know that it can be good for your mental and emotional health, as well? From a physical standpoint, exercise and recreational activities will help keep you in shape and keep your body feeling young and active. There are plenty of other benefits to getting out and staying active, however.


For example, if you are playing golf, meeting your friends for an event, or even just attending a weekly aerobics class, you’re getting out and socializing with the world. This can help fight off depression, which is common among older adults who get lonely. It makes it easier to make friends and the endorphins that are released during the activity will boost your mood and give you a little pep in your step. From an emotional standpoint, being able to have that social interaction and companionship with your friends gives you the emotional stability that you need.


A lot of older people stay active because they can’t fathom sitting at home all alone, and that’s great for your mind, body, and your spirit. I’ve been doing training and exercising for plenty of years, and I’ve seen some pretty lonely people who come out to a fitness group or start playing sports at a local club, and their attitude can change completely. It’s amazing what a little physical activity can do for the body, but even more amazing what it can do for your spirit. Next time you’re feeling down and out, take up a game of tennis, head to the local fitness center, or just meet some friends for a fun activity that everyone can enjoy.