With the MedScope Medical Alert System, $35 is all it takes for one great investment.  For less than $40, senior citizens and those individuals with illnesses can enjoy independent living without fear, since they have access to emergency services with a touch of a button.  As for the children of senior citizens as well as caregivers, providing such system is one way to show you care despite one’s absence.

The Medical Alert System from MedScope consists of two main components.  The first one is the MedScope Emergency Communicator, which is considered as one of America’s leading wireless activated personal emergency response systems.  In case of a power outage, this will continue to work for 24 more hours.  The Emergency Communicator also has a room
temperature sensor; it activates the base unit and calls the medical alert response center if the temperature drops below 55 degrees or rises above a hundred.  However, the best feature is the silent automatic check-in: the system itself will perform a diagnostic test every 7 days and report its status.  Then there is the waterproof MedScope Transmitters, which features the button to be pushed during emergencies.  It can reach up to 800 feet from the Communicator, and has a 10-year lifespan.  MedScope
also has Key Lockboxes as part of their system.

These state of the art equipment are complemented with a great medical monitoring service.  Trained operators are ready to answer and instantly respond to the call round the clock and all days of the year.