Medics SOS 3

When there is an emergency, people usually call 911 for help. It is the number to dial when an unfortunate incident suddenly arises. However, sometimes, calling this number is not enough. While the elderly, recuperating patients and children with medical conditions are more prone to emergencies, everyone can have an emergency. When that happens, there should be a reliable alternative to 911 that would instantly come to aid in the event of an emergency. That alternative is Medics SOS, a personal medical alert company that will be of assistance to anyone even before the first responders arrive.

In a way, Medics SOS is better than 911. While 911 is impressive when it comes to dispatching the authorities, its operators are not trained to give advice. On the contrary, all Medics SOS operators are EMTs, and they are in the position to give life-saving advice to a caller before help arrives. In addition, the EMT who received the call can also provide the paramedics with the person’s medical profile as they travel to the scene. Hence, before the paramedics arrive, they are already informed about the patient and could give the necessary treatment immediately upon arrival.

The reliability of Medics SOS is proven by Mary Vandista. In her testimonial, Vandista recounted how Medics SOS saved her mother’s life. Because the first responders already had the mother’s medical records and medical conditions, the right kind of treatment was given instantly upon her arrival to the hospital, saving her life in the process.