Medics SOS 2

The tagline of Medics SOS is “There Before The First Responders,” and in the video seen below, Sean Cavenaugh explains why. Cavenaugh is a volunteer firefighter who has seen first hand how the personal emergency response system has helped save many of lives by being a significant presence before the paramedics arrive.

The minute an individual seeks the help of Medics SOS, the EMTs in the monitoring center go into action immediately. If the situation calls for urgent medical assistance, the EMT will dispatch the authorities right away while he or she stays on the line with the caller. Before the first responders arrive, they are briefed about the situation and the person who needs help; Medics SOS give responders like Sean vital information like patient care and patient history. Therefore, the EMT in charge does not only tell the respondents about the emergency but also informs them about who had the emergency. As a result, the responders can provide efficient care to the patient upon arrival.

It is true when they say that response is an important factor in determining the outcome of an emergency. A quick response increases the chances of a patient surviving after an emergency while any delay can worsen an injury or condition, eventually causing death in certain situations. Indeed, Medics SOS allows people to recover better from an emergency through their immediate response because they know that “the first few minutes of a medical emergency is crucial to the survival of patients.”