Grandtravel- A Great Way to Spend Your Vacation

Traveling during retirement is a fun activity for many people. It gives you the ability to go places and see things that you’ve probably never seen before. It allows you to revisit your favorite places and stay as long as you’d like because there’s no vacation day limit or job that you have to go back to anymore. As active adults over the age of 55, we are slightly spoiled by our ability to come and go as we please. Of course, for those who have grandchildren, they have more to spoil than just themselves.

Grandtravel is a word that some people talk about now as being popular among grandparents when it comes to traveling. The name might sound a little odd, but it’s basically taking vacations with grandchildren so that you can spoil them to your heart’s content. When you visit your grandchildren, you’re limited on the time that you can spend with them and the spoiling that you can do because parents like to get in the way of the fun. Next time you want to spoil your grandkids like there’s no tomorrow, take them on a vacation without their parents and give them the time of their lives.

Since we worked hard for everything that we have, it’s our right to do with it as we please. Parents mean well when they don’t want you spoiling children, but they don’t understand how hard you’ve worked to be able to do it in the first place. Take advantage of the opportunity to take your grandkids on a vacation and you’ll have a great time and be free to spoil away without the interference of their parents.