Active Lifestyles and You – Health and Safety Tips and Insight

None of us like to admit it, but as we get older we find that some things become more difficult. No matter how healthy or safe you feel in your home, you can’t deny the fact that the leading cause of injury death among those who are aging is falling. We don’t need to be patronized or put into a facility just because we’re older, but we do need to be responsible for our own safety and know how to keep things safe around the home.

Whether you have low vision problems, mobility issues, or other health issues that put you at a higher risk for being unsteady on your feet, you need to make sure that your home is a safe place where you can enjoy life. De-clutter your home and make sure that you’ve got pathways to get through that are clear at all times. If you have vision issues, keep rooms well-lit to make sure that you can always see where you’re going.

Another tip for reducing your safety risk in the home is to get a medical alert system. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely healthy and active and don’t even think you need it, because these devices are really handy for any type of occurrence or situation. If someone tries to break into your home, you can hit the button and call for help. If you fall or have a medical emergency, you can call for help. Protecting your health and wellbeing is all about being prepared. The invincible, ‘Superman’ mentality might have worked when we were in our 20s, but by now we know better and should take the steps to ensure that life is enjoyable and safe at all times.

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