Pioneer Medical Alarms

Independent living is a challenge for most seniors because living alone has some risks involved.  There is always the possibility of slipping, falling or some other emergency, medical or otherwise.  Relatives and caregivers know that while independence is important, the safety of the elderly is equally significant.  The only way they can have peace of mind is if they know that there will always be someone present when an emergency takes place.

Pioneer Medical Alarms enables consumers to have peace of mind with the best medical alarm systems they provide.  These medical alarm systems make independent living possible while giving the guarantee that the subscriber will not be alone in time of need.  It should be noted that Pioneer Medical Alarms does not manufacture the alarms; they simply supply the medical alarms created by companies such as Visonic, Honeywell and First Alert Professional.  As an authorized dealer and distributor of the said products, the company deals with the installation, maintenance and services through Pioneer Emergency.

All medical alarm systems offered by Pioneer Medical Alarms are easy to install and use.  All the subscriber has to do is plug in the base unit, and press the button on the mobile pendant or the large emergency button on the base unit.  Immediately, there will be a two-way voice conversation between the subscriber and the operator from the central station.  The professionally trained staff will contact either loved ones or dispatch authorities.  With products from Pioneer Medical Alarms, one need not worry again.