Freedom Alert

It is a fact that during an emergency, immediate response is a must. This is most especially true for seniors. The longer it takes for assistance to come, the greater the consequences would be to the elderly in need. Older adults cherish their independence, but it can be threatened by an emergency. If senior citizens do not immediately get the help they need when they need it, they will be forced to give up their freedom. The name of the product featured in the video says it all: Freedom Alert. This system allows the elderly to maintain their freedom by providing easy access to emergency response services. In the event of an emergency, anyone can get help quickly through Freedom Alert.

The Freedom Alert system proves to be a cut above the rest when it comes to medical alert systems. Aside from giving the elderly the freedom of independent living, it also offers the freedom to choose who to contact when an emergency occurs. The two-way speakerphone emergency pendant communicator is programmable with numbers of the subscriber’s designated contacts. It is also the only system that has 3 modes for contact alerts, enabling the user to either call 911 directly, call up to 4 contacts, or call both 911 and contacts. In addition, Freedom Alert makes things easier to the subscriber because communication can be done directly through the pendant. With Freedom Alert, seniors living alone need not worry, for getting help immediately is a touch of a button away.