Medical Home Alert

What do you get when you purchase a Medical Home Alert System? Anyone who decides to buy this medical alert system gets reliability and good quality service for only $29.95.  With no equipment costs, setup or activation fees and long term contracts, the Medical Home Alert System makes safety and easy access to emergency assistance very affordable.

Those who are caring for an elderly or a disabled individual knows how important it is to have emergency help within one’s grasp.  This is what the Medical Home Alert System provides: instant access to emergency services 24/7 with just a touch of a button.  Included in the system is the waterproof emergency Medical Home Alert Call Button and the Medical Home Alert Base Station.  The former can communicate with the latter even up to 600 feet away.  The Base Station features a powerful speaker and a very sensitive microphone that enables the operator to be heard from any part of the house and the user to be heard without screaming.  The Medical Home Alert Monitoring Center  has professionals trained to handle emergencies any day and every day of the year.

You need not worry about the Medical Home Alert System during power outages.  The built-in battery of the Base Station enables it to last to up to 36 hours more.  The battery charges automatically when the system is switched on.  So before any emergencies occur in the home, it is wise to get yourself and your loved ones this extraordinary alert system.